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Video Wall

The VS-67XL21U Projection Cube from Mitsubishi is a 67" XGA cube designed specifically for mission critical applications. The display cubes can be stacked as many as 4 units high and as wide as necessary, and they are ideally suited to provide a high resolution video wall in a collaborative work environment. The larger 67" diagonal size of the VS-67XL21U video wall cubes enables a more economical and ergonomically-friendly display for larger video wall applications.

The VS-67XL21U Projection Cube has a number of built-in features that ensure high image quality throughout the life of the product. Mitsubishi's Dynamic Brightness Balancing™ feature monitors the brightness in each and every cube, adjusting them individually as required to ensure equal brightness on the video wall. Smart Lamp™ and Smart Colorwheel™ maintain color uniformity on every VS-67XL21U Projection Cube. Each lamp and color wheel stores its own color characteristics internally, and when either is replaced, the function activates, recalibrating the cube into perfect color balance with the rest of the display cubes in the video wall.