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Until up to 70% cheaper


1 year, very often superior than the manufacturer.

Delivery time:

Often less than a week


For material that aren't manufactured anymore

Your maintenance contracts:

Mostly the sole interest of a maintenance contract is to have a quick replacement, often the day after. How much are you paying for this? The maintenance price is multiplied by the number of equipments (often identical). Where an extra refurbished item would give you the opportunity to change it rightaway at the lowest cost.

What can ANS supply?

Every networking equipment from switch/ router, Firewall to IP phones and SAN. Even SUN material, disks, memories, modules, ... Question us about your needs. We are the specialists of refurbished neworking equipments, with 1 year warranty, and that for more than 12 years.

We force ourselves to supply our customers with refurbihed equipments that are about identical to new equipments. The only difference is the price, the faster delivery and the fact that you won't receive the original box .