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Why should you use a Raritan iPDU in your data centers?

  • possibility to know the real consumption (V,A,kVA,kW,kWh):
    • of all your PDUs
    • of each connected device
  • check the consumption per feed and don't exceed the maximum
  • switch OFF, switch ON and reboot your equipments
  • manage the environment: temperature, humidity, air pressure, smoke, water and intrusion
  • in case of electrical and environmental dysfunction, you receive an alarm (Mail, SNMP)
  • calculate the real cost of your consumption with more than 99% of accuracy
  • remote and local access management
  • possibility to charge the client according to the consumption
  • differentiate your power supplies with the coloured and secured PDU’s and cables
  • detect the energy eater and the no active devices
  • CiscoEnergyWise® compatible

Here are the main features:

  • secure access via a serial or IP (SSH or Telnet)
  • 4 to 54 outlets (C13 and C19), 16 or 32 Amps. Single-phase and three-phase power
  • kilowatt meter by phase and by outlet
  • verticals or horizontals (1U, 2U or 0U)
  • ethernet and wireless connection
  • consumption measurement of the existing PDUs
  • Schuko adapter
  • free of charge firmware updates
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And you?

If you are not convinced, we offer you the opportunity to test a PDU freely and without any commitment ! So if you want to test a PDU or to receive a price offer for your project, do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the following form in order to receive a price offer